Rebecca Warburton

Rebecca Warburton

Rebecca and Dave Warburton are seasoned agribusiness professionals. Dave is a vet at the Hunterville Vet clinic and Rebecca is a farm consultant with more than 12 years’ experience in financial management.

Through their passion for helping farmers improve the bottom line they are trialling a project they think will transform on-farm decision making in Taihape. BRIG, or Beef Returns Improvement Group, is the couple’s brainchild.

Supported by Beef + Lamb NZ funding, BRIG is using Farmax software to create historical farm models for 10 local farms. The physical and financial data of those farms will be captured over the next three years so that comparable benchmarks, trends, and real time information can be used to make business decisions based on what’s actually happening on the farms.

“No anecdote, no theory - the real story,” said Rebecca - a fanatical Farmax fan who has been using the software for many years in her consultancy.

BRIG will also use data to create a whole-farm Farmax model for the Taihape region that will be shared with the local farming community through the BRIG website and community fieldays to provide learning extension.

Rebecca said without Farmax, she’s not sure she would have taken on BRIG as the time required and sheer grunt work would have been unappealing.

“Trudging through spreadsheets just would not get done and the buy in from farmers would be lower. They say a picture paints a thousand words. Well, Farmax consolidates thousands of spreadsheets into a few easy to understand pictures that transform
decision making.”

For more information check out the BRIG website –


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