Rob Buddo

Rob Buddo August 2013

Hawke's Bay beef and sheep farmer, Rob Buddo (right), has used Farmax since it was launched. In 10 years his farming system has grown around 500 hectares and more than 10,000 stock units.

Rob said that by using Farmax as one of his key management tools he aims for a five per cent lift in farm performance every year. The result has seen his business grow by more than 50 per cent over the past decade.

"Through incremental growth, Farmax has helped us double our farming area and financial return. Quite simply, it allowed us to challenge the status quo and minimise our risks."

After a decade of using Farmax software, Buddo is probably one of the country's most experienced farmer users.

"Farms are massively complex systems and businesses, and no two seasons are ever the same. With its modelling capability, Farmax is simply unique in being one of the most powerful pasture management and feed budgeting tools you can use - we wouldn't be without it."

Farmax analysis shows sheep and beef farmers using Farmax have performed 78% better than the industry avergae over the past decade. And North Island Hill Country farmers, who have been strong adopters of the tool since its inception, have averaged gross margin increases of 157% over the same period.



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