FARMAX Generation 7

What is it?

Generation 7 is our newest version of FARMAX software products that will transform the way FARMAX files are managed, stored and shared. Generation 7 uses a cloud-based file storage system giving all users real time access to all FARMAX files they are associated with.

The FARMAX applications (FARMAX Pro, FarmTools, FARMAX Dairy Pro, FarmTools Dairy and FARMAX Feed Wedge) will remain installed on a user’s computer with very few changes. It is only the file storage that is moving to the cloud, so once a file is opened, users will continue to use FARMAX as normal.  


Cloud Welcome


Why do I want it?

FARMAX Generation 7 enables greater efficiency for all users, replacing the current email and website download method, giving greater control and visibility over the status of files in the monthly monitoring process.

File management is more easily controlled by the folder structure, which allows users to clearly identify various files they have for a farm and customise to suit personal preference.

The cloud based file storage ensures files are always up-to-date with the latest FARMAX database and price information.

File owners can choose various permission levels for users depending on their role, including read-only capability.


How do I get it?

Generation 7 is being rolled out gradually across all FARMAX users. The FARMAX HelpDesk will be in touch with users to make this happen. If you are keen to get yourself on this exciting new version right now, please contact the friendly HelpDesk team anytime on 0800 FARMAX (327 629) and we will be happy to get you upgraded.


For more information please follow links below:

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