Farmax Accreditation

Farmax has an accreditation programme, entailing three levels of accreditation - Bronze, Silver and Elite. Anyone can register to become Farmax accredited - simply fill in the form at the bottom of the page and we will get in touch.

The purpose of the Farmax Accreditation is to develop and improve participants' Farmax skills and knowledge. The learning is both theoretical and practical with the aim of building on biological and financial pastoral farm systems modelling. At the end of the course participants should be able to make decisions, find solutions, and develop scenarios to produce meaningful information and engage real-world scenarios in Farmax. There are accreditation programmes for both sheep, beef and deer, and dairy.

The three levels of Farmax Accreditation are:

Bronze - creating a high quality biological pastoral farm systems model by using Farmax

Silver - focusing on the basic financial information in Farmax and how it can be used to complete basic financial analysis

Elite - focusing on the ability to create different scenarios in Farmax to come up with some practical options for the farm


For more information about Farmax Accreditation and the regulations, click on the Accreditation Handbook.



Benefits of Becoming Accredited

  • You are provided with the Farmax Accreditation logos to advertise on your website, CV, emails, etc.

  • As an accredited Farmax consultant you will have confidence in knowing you have a thorough understanding of the Farmax systems.

  • Farmax actively supports accredited Farmax consultants by referring them to clients before non-accredited consultants.

  • On the consultants page of the Farmax website, accredited consultants are given first priority by being listed at the top of the page.


Prerequisite Criteria

Participants must have a basic understanding of FARMAX and sound knowledge of New Zealand pastoral farming.


How to Become Accredited

In order to become an accredited Farmax consultant you will need to complete several exercises with the Farmax software. You must start with the Bronze accreditation, then when you have passed this you can move onto Silver, and then finally Elite.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Farmax HelpDesk on 0800 FARMAX (327 629) or at

Complete the form below to register for the Farmax Accreditation.



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