FARMAX Info Pack

FARMAX has a brand new information suite, consisting of product brochures, customer case studies and information sheets. These are particularly helpful for consultants to give to new and potential FARMAX clients.

You are welcome to download any of the materials for your own use or fill out the form at this link to order materials that FARMAX can post to you. All materials that you order are free of charge.

Our brochures are professionally printed, so we recommend ordering these from FARMAX - that is why they are not available for download. We have a dairy brochure, a sheep, beef and deer brochure and a corporate brochure available.


Case Studies


Gareth Evans Case Study with text   Martin Bennett Case Study with text   Gavin and Jen Kay Case Study with text   Website image 7


 Sheep and Beef

Rob Buddo Case Study with text2   Tim Rhodes Case Study with text   Rebecca Warburton Case Study with text   Roger and Caly White Case Study with text

 Website image 9     website image 10  website image 11  website image 12








Information Sheets

Dairy Info Sheet with text   SBD Info Sheet with text   PGF Info Sheet with text



Please order brochures using the form at this link

Corporate Brochure with text    Dairy Brochure with text    SBD Brochure with text2    


Meet the FARMAX Team

Website Icon 20th June 17


Farmax-trained consultants located all over the country can help you manage your farm using Farmax.

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Find lots of video tutorials that will teach you about Sheep, Beef & Deer software, Dairy software and Sward Sticks.

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Farmax manuals give you an extensive overview of the Farmax software including how to use it and what it can do.

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Like with any new tool, you may need assistance when learning how to use Farmax. Call our HelpDesk for training and technical help.

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Interview with Nicola Waugh a consultant who uses FARMAX, discussing the benefits clients get from the software

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Interview with Gareth Baynham a consultant who uses FARMAX, discussing the benefits of the software

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