Friday 8th March:

Type: Training Event
When: 2019-03-08
Where Whangarei

Work through booklets at your own speed with a Farmax facilitator, selecting the type of information that you’re most interested in learning from a range of options.

This workshop day is separated into three sections:

1) 9:00am – 9:30am        - Introduction to Farmax

2) 9:30am – 12:30pm      - Stream A. Farmax Monitoring

                                       - Stream B. Farmax farm set-up

                                       - Stream C. Farmax Advanced functionality


New or low-experience users- Arrive by 9:00am

Experienced user -  may choose whatever time is best suited.

All attendees may choose Stream A (monitoring), Stream B (set-up), Stream C (advanced) or a combination of 2 or more streams.

On average, an attendee will spend 2-3 hours working through a booklet. Attendee arrival and departure time is flexible, and booklets can be taken home and completed outside of the workshop.

 Who can attend this Workshop?

Anyone is welcome to attend, whether it’s your first-time hearing about FARMAX, or you’re an experienced user. Check the workshop itinerary for the most suitable attendance time.

 Workshop Cost

The ticket price to attend a workshop is $50.00 per person (non refundable) and includes morning and/or afternoon tea, take-home booklets, and the facilitator costs.

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